Scope of Service

Interior Design

Interior Architecture – Free Lifestyle Design

Free Lifestyle Design is Iflex Resources interior space design concept with the sole purpose of being able to offer clients a unique design completely different from the exterior. Our team ensures that interiors are designed and detailed to complement the overall structure of the building.

Our scope of work includes the detailed design and specification of all interior elements including; kitchen, bathroom, staircases, lighting, custom designed cabinetry, cupboards, ceilings, flooring and wall finishes. Formerly it was of important to architects to see it exterior and interior design as one but with our free lifestyle design clients now has the luxury of choice in determine how their interior space would look like.

Interior Décor

Interior Décor – Free Lifestyle Necessities (accessories)

Free Lifestyle Necessities is our interior décor service that was developed to give extraordinary beauty to our finished designed work. All items are carefully selected to redefine interior spaces with uniquely selected items of highest quality sourced from around the world based on our clients request, this includes contemporary furniture’s, lighting and accessories, paints, beddings, curtains, mirrors, consoles and all kinds of decorations; seasonal décor like Xmas, Event décor; Wedding parties, Birthday parties, Graduation parties, School parties, Funeral etc.

Our clients has the opportunity to become immersed in an environment that exemplifies a point of view that our service is offering and that is the philosophy of “total design” based on our service offering we have built partnerships and leverage on both local and foreign leading brands, Europe’s leading furniture, we have lead access to lighting and home accessories manufacturers like Porro, Doca, Living Divani, Foscarini and Lema, to name a few. Ultimately the collection of elegance and style displayed in beautifully stylish room settings would convey a massage of luxury, comfort, fulfillment and good design.

General Procurement Services

Our procurement services helps to build efficiency into your process by delivering a comprehensive streamlined approach to procurement. The scope of our procurement management services includes.

  • Procurement management
  • Supply chain management
  • Contract negotiation
  • Process audit and monitoring vendor performance


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